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How did US Airways publish a pornographic tweet?

2 Comments » |  Posted by Hannah Law |  Category:social media

It’s been a rough time for airlines lately.

Qantas isn’t making money.
Malaysia Airlines… well, we all know about that one.

And the latest to be hurt is US Airways who have (accidentally?) posted a pornographic tweet.

How are US Airways handling the social media crisis?

  1. Deleted the tweet an hour after it was posted
  2. Published a new tweet apologising:

We apologize for an inappropriate image recently shared as a link in one of our responses. We’ve removed the tweet and are investigating.

— US Airways (@USAirways) April 14, 2014

They’re responding quickly  - although there’s room for improvement with timing – and rationally by trying to discover the facts before making bold statements.

The coming 24 hours will be telling for whether they are able to kill the issue quickly or prolong it.

Either way, there will be serious brand damage and I’m sure their Corporate Communications team won’t be sleeping much tonight.

We’re having some debate in the Social@Ogilvy office about how this might have happened: was it an error by a time-poor Social Media Manager or an intentional move by a disgruntled employee?

What do you think?

I’ll keep this post updated so come back to learn how the crisis unfolds…!

Update 1:20pm HKT Thursday 15th April:

Statement from US Airways according to the Sydney Morning Herald:

“Unfortunately the image was inadvertently included in a response to a customer… We immediately realised the error and removed our tweet. We deeply regret the mistake and we are currently reviewing our processes to prevent such errors in the future.”


Half of content marketers plan to increase spending

No Comments |  Posted by Hannah Law |  Category:Digital

49% of Australian content marketers plan to increase their spending over the next 12 months, according to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA)*. What a mouthful!

Admittedly, for many Australian companies I think they’ll be increasing their content marketing spend from a low base … but it’s an increase nonetheless.

A further 12% of Australian content marketers surveyed claim they will ’significantly increase’ their spending and 28% say their spending will remain the same.

How will they be spending this money? Mostly on website articles (88%), social media (83%) and e-Newsletters (82%).


Digital trend predictions 2013

No Comments |  Posted by Hannah Law |  Category:Digital

How will 3D printers, tablets, life-saving forks, Google Glasses and the interest graph change the way you do business this year?

In January Thomas Crampton and I ran a webinar with our Social@Ogilvy APAC trend predictions for 2013.  The webinar was  designed to help you understand your customers better, know where and how to target them effectively, and ensure your marketing is more Old Spice than MySpace.

Below is the Slideshare … the slides were accompanied by an explanation so feel free to leave questions in the comments if you want more info on what was actually said about certain slides. Unfortunately we had technical difficulties so couldn’t record the session but I remember most of it! ;)


Agencies should not hire social media specialists

2 Comments » |  Posted by Hannah Law |  Category:Digital

Does your agency have a social media specialist on the team?

What do they do exactly? Community management, social listening, content creation, socialCRM, creative campaigns, influencer management, social business, social advertising, viral videos(!), on-site social media, social search, offline-online integration, mobile-social, social strategy, blogger relations, and social media reporting?

If it’s anything like the agencies I’m familiar with, they do a bit of everything. That’s a hefty job description!

Could one person really be an expert in all this?


Trends in Australian digital

2 Comments » |  Posted by Hannah Law |  Category:Digital

Courtesy of Anatoliy Bakal, Pinterest

I’ve recently left Switched on Media, my (second) home for the last three years. The change comes because I’ve relocated to Hong Kong, ready to embark on a new adventure!

It’s a bitter-sweet time as I say goodbye to a talented team of search & social marketers at Switched on Media. Particular shout-outs to Andy Jamieson, Scot Ennis, Dan Richardson, Kevin Lo, Hannah Gandevia and Chris Hitchcock who are taking the agency to new heights, already evident with the announcement that STW will take a majority share!

Change is often a time of reflection and it is, as I am in this middle-ground, that I’ve been thinking about traits of the Australian digital marketing industry from an outsider’s perspective.


Facebook App Centre vs Apple iTunes

No Comments |  Posted by Hannah Law |  Category:Digital

Today Facebook announced their very own App Centre which they describe as a “a new place for people to find social apps”. It is basically an alternative way to access mobile apps that use Facebook which positions the App Centre as a bit of a rival to Apple iTunes and Google Play.

Despite that, Facebook App Centre still needs to leverage all the apps that exist within iTunes and Play and, in fact, it will direct people to the Apple iTunes store and Google Play if the mobile app requires installation.
The Facebook App Centre is currently in beta mode but basically:

Pinterest vs Pin interest: search misspellings and what it means for your brand

No Comments |  Posted by Hannah Law |  Category:Digital

My team at work and I have been creating Pinterest accounts for some of our clients so they can capitalise on the popularity of this emerging new social media platform and creatively engage with their customers. Stay tuned for more details when the Pinterest accounts officially launch!

In our discussions about Pinterest, we’ve noticed a lot of people actually call the platform “Pin Interest” instead of “Pinterest”. This got us thinking about how many people globally might be making this mistake so we used the Google AdWords tool to find out!


Pinterest: new terms of use for brands

1 Comment » |  Posted by Hannah Law |  Category:Digital

You may have read last week and over the weekend that Pinterest has updated their terms of use and actually divided their policy into 3 sections to make it easier to digest and, ideally, more relevant: terms of use, acceptable use and privacy policy.

There are a lot of sites out there explaining how these changes will affect personal use, some of the more comprehensive articles are by The Next Web and The Blog Herald but do you understand what this means for your company’s Pinterest account and what you can do about it?


YouTube Analytics: how has it changed?

No Comments |  Posted by Hannah Law |  Category:Digital

Last week YouTube announced additional features to their analytics tool (formerly known as Insight). The changes are mostly around making the data more granular and easier to drill down into. The new Analytics continues to reflect Google Analytics format and functionality, making it easier for you to understand the data.

In summary, the big changes are:

  • More detailed reports that let you drill down to detailed statistics, helping you understand your content and audience better.
  • Audience Builders which enable you to discover which videos are driving the most views and subscriptions, and therefore create more successful content.
  • Audience Retention: See how far viewers are watching through your video in the new audience retention report to help you improve your content.

YouTube created this infographic to help us understand their Analytics offering better (click to enlarge).

Originally posted on


A real-time lesson in social media disasters

No Comments |  Posted by Hannah Law |  Category:Digital

Would you like to learn more about the power and speed of social media?

Unfortunately for Qantas, you can learn this right now, by checking out the Twitter hashtag: #QantasLuxury.

This morning Qantas tried to launch a Twitter competition asking their followers, ‘What is your dream luxury inflight experience?” and using the #QantasLuxury hashtag. But the timing of this campaign was all wrong: it comes as the brand is experiencing significant reputation management issues related to industrial action that caused the airline to temporarily shut down. This action left thousands of employees confused, thousands of passengers stranded and dissatisfied, and forced the government to become involved.